Sunday, April 11, 2010

Episode 23

Hey guys, Intern James here. Thanks for sticking with me through this long journey to discover what in the world was in that email. I have finally figured it out and it is all revealed in episode 23. Thanks again for all your help.

When reporter John Watsenburger's absence upsets the normal work routine, Tom Artichoke's investigation leads him to a place of wonder, discovery, and new inventions that may be the culprit. Also, Special Detective Intern James is hot on the trail to find out about the top secret e-mail in Ethan's inbox. Will he be able to execute his ultimate plan?

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Anonymous said...

wow! i didn't see that coming! what a great surprise :) love the new website

Jojoguy10 said...

lol! You said "Monday April 11th", but Monday is actully the 12th. LOL! Or as my friend and me say "101"
jojoguy10 -

Jordan Greene said...

hahaha, you all did a great job - love the new website - did not see this coming. Keep up the good work!

Julia said...

This is so AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

" Intern James out of the ceiling duct."

"Loren is a guy, but he sounds like a girl."

"Ice cream, eyesore, ice-pop, ipod, I...somebody's baby-daddy..."
"Potato chips."
"Dude, that doesn't make any sense."
"No, I mean, pass the potato chips."

"I'm feeling so tacky today."

LOL I love that. =)
-Emily L. :)